Hearing Aid Products

Quality Hearing Aid products in Houston, TX

At The Center for Audiology, we offer quality hearing aid products made by some of the top manufacturers worldwide:  
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We have it all! 

At The Center for Audiology, we offer more than just hearing aids. We provide the best solutions for your hearing needs including the following devices and products.

Custom Earmolds - Earmolds are special ear plugs for hearing aid users, musicians, swimmers, or others looking to protect their hearing. 

In-Ear Monitors - These allow musicians to protect their hearing while eliminating feedback, lowering on-stage noise levels, and reducing vocal fatigue. 

Custom Hearing Protection - This can prevent permanent noise-induced hearing loss. Musicians, pilots, factory workers, hunters and construction workers usually choose this option. 

Assistive Listening Devices - We offer a variety of Westone products including amplified alarm clocks, captioned telephones, FM systems, TV infrared systems, Bluetooth systems, and more. 

If you are interested in any one of our products, feel free to call us and learn more information about how they can benefit you.  
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