Noise Ear Protection
Protecting your hearing from loud noise is essential to prevent hearing loss at all, or prevent existing hearing loss from worsening. If you are exposed to loud noise above 85 decibels, you need proper hearing protection. Here are some examples of exceptional protection that are designed for long-lasting use and improved comfort in loud noise environments:

custom ear molds for hearing protection - The Center for Audiology - Houston & Pearland TX
Custom Earmolds
Earmolds are special ear plugs for hearing aid users, musicians, swimmers, motorcyclists, concert goers, or others looking to protect their hearing or even get a quieter night’s sleep.
in-ear monitors for musicians - The Center for Audiology - Houston & Pearland TX
In-Ear Monitors
These allow musicians to protect their hearing while eliminating feedback, lowering on-stage noise levels, and reducing vocal fatigue.
hearing protection for hunters and shooters - The Center for Audiology - Houston & Pearland TX
Hunter or Shooter Ear Protection
Specialized for hunting which allows you to hear low-level sounds like game sounds in the brush, or tracking dog sounds, while offering protection for higher level impulsive noise like gunshots.
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