Oticon Hearing Aids

OPN Hearing Aid - Hear Speech Clearly, Even in Noise or with Multiple Speakers

The award-winning OPN™ hearing aid by Oticon analyzes the user’s environment 100 times per second and balances every sound individually to provide a spectacular “open-sound” experience. Speech sounds come through naturally and clear, and background sounds are audible but not disturbing.  

Direct Bluetooth connectivity turns your OPN hearing aids into a discreet, wireless headset for your phone or other device. Stream your phone conversations, music, audiobooks, and just about any media directly from your device into your hearing aids. Control your hearing aids via a free app on your iPhone.  

All OPN models offer tinnitus sound support. Users can choose from a variety of soothing sounds to help reduce the perception of tinnitus. 
Oticon OPN hearing aids now available in a rechargeable option!
Charge the hearing aids overnight for full day use without worrying about having to change your battery. 

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