Phonak Hearing Aids

Automatic Performance, Rechargeable Hearing Aids, and Hands-Free Bluetooth Connectivity Provide Freedom from Hearing Aid Hassles

Phonak Belong hearing aids are designed to provide you with a fully automated listening experience. Multiple microphones in the hearing aids automatically turn on and off, depending on the environment, zooming in on sounds you want to hear and lowering what you don’t. The noise suppression is natural, effective, and seamless.
Phonak Audeo B-Direct is the first hearing aid with direct connectivity to TV as well as to iPhones and most Android phones. This hearing aid offers the first truly hands-free Bluetooth connectivity, as the hearing aid microphone picks up the user’s voice and eliminates the need to have the phone out in front of the user.

Phonak Audeo and Bolero rechargeable hearing aids are best in class, providing a full 24 hours of use time on a 3-hour charge. Due to its sealed battery compartment, the Phonak rechargeable hearing aid provides exceptional resistance against moisture, dust, and dirt which are common causes of hearing aid failure. 

CROS (Contralateral Routing of Signal ) B hearing aid is a wonderful, non-surgical option for single-sided deafness, where the other ear is normal or has good residual hearing. The CROS device picks up sound from the deaf ear side, and wirelessly transmits it to the better ear where it can be detected and interpreted by the user.  
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